October 2016 Newsletter


Volume 3 Issue 1: October 2016
Picture of the Month
Sandpoint Nordic Club’s 2017 Arctic Cat Grooming Sled!
There’s chill in the air and snow on the mountains!  Let’s get ready to ski!

    Here’s What’s Happening

  • Kid’s Dryland Training- Wednesdays 2-3 pm U of I property on Boyer
  • October 26-  Nordic Tap Night Club Fundraiser and Membership Drive- Idaho Pour Authority
  • November- Youth Ski League and Race Team Sign up contact- Vicki Longhini
  • November 12- SARS Ski Swap- Volunteers needed for the Nordic Booth 8am-2pm (2hr. shifts)
  • November 15th- Club Meeting- McDuffs 5:30 pm
  • January 7- Free Ski Day- Schweitzer Round About- Volunteers and Instructors Needed contact- Rick Price

Sandpoint Nordic Club Grooming System

The SNC successfully completed their capital campaign for a new grooming system this past spring.  We raised over $40,000!  Many thanks to the Equinox Foundation, The William Wishnick Foundation, Bonner General Health and the many individuals who made this fund raising a success.  

We have purchased a 2017 Arctic Cat Bearcat GS (shown above), a Yellowstone Track Systems groomer and roller. We have taken delivery on these items and are in the process of getting them set up. We have never had such great equipment to groom the ski trails at the University of Idaho extension property on Boyer Avenue.  We now are in the process of designing and purchasing signage for the trails on Boyer.  

This past weekend, SNC volunteers mowed and marked the trails on Boyer.  We will have 4k of trails again this year; however, you will find the routing a bit more interesting.  We have also designed the trails to better avoid the wet areas that plagued us in the past.

​We look forward to seeing you ski in town this winter!  – Ross Longhini

200k Challenge
            The Sandpoint Nordic Club is again sponsoring a 200 kilometer challenge this ski season. Last year 21 skiers completed the challenge and SNC hopes to improve on those numbers. Skiers who ski a minimum of 200k will be eligible to participate in a drawing for a pair of new skis (winner’s choice). Good luck keeping up with last year’s winner, Michele Tregoning as she glides along on her new pair of Madshus skate skis. New this season is a 100 kilometer challenge for skiers under the age of 18. 100k finishers will be eligible to win a ski jacket. Participants need to be members of the Sandpoint Nordic Club and keep track of their own kilometers skied. Maps of local ski areas with distances labeled will be posted on the SNC website. Skiers can also track distances with their smart phones or GPS watches. If distances can’t be determined, 15 minutes/km can be substituted. Ski Challenge logs must be received by the Sandpoint Nordic Club before March 31, 2015 and mailed to: Sandpoint Nordic Club PO Box 233, Sandpoint, Id. 83864. – Jared France
Download your 200K Challenge form here:

The Many Phases of Preseason Conditioning
I have been a skier of some type since the days of leather boots, wooden skis, and cable bindings. In those days I was engaged in enough other sports to maintain a level of fitness adequate to ride a chairlift. I had youth on my side. Until I was thirty or so I could just “ski myself into shape”. I was a hardcore Alpine skier in those days. A chairlift made a lot more sense than fish-scales.

By the time I was in my mid-thirties, I discovered that a little running and some strength training allowed me to ski longer without my butt and thighs burning for the first several weeks of the season. I thought I was in great shape. That error in judgement lasted for the better part of a decade until my wife, who had been skate skiing for several years, invited me to tag along. I knew that I would be a natural as I skated all the way to the lift several times a week and I was a runner. We pulled away from the lodge at the same time but after that I only saw her when she skied back to me to make sure I was still breathing. I discovered a new body position that day, hands on knees, head between knees. This maneuver is usually done on the side of the trail. I guess I wasn’t in nearly the shape I thought I was in. It was time to increase aerobic training and add more specific strength training.

​Half way through my sixth decade I again changed my preseason regime. In addition to the aerobic and strength training I added a “personal trainer”. I guess PT actually stands for Physical Therapist. These days preseason training has become more about putting the wheels back on  and dealing with the various “itises” that literally flare up than worrying about how fast I ski. I guess I will continue along this training path until the day comes when a wheel falls off and is never found. – Bill Tregoning

Miss Manners
   If you Nordic skied the first several weeks of last season you had the additional challenge of fording a handful of streams before reaching Picnic Point. Debbie’s crew worked hard to keep up with the water that was undermining the snow on those lower trails. Miss Manners is pleased that Schweitzer spent time this summer improving drainage on the lower trails with culverts and ditches. Hopefully this will allow us a longer ski season. Once the season is underway, if this turns out to be a positive step for Nordic skiers Miss Manners invites you to pick up a blue comment card on the mountain and let Schweitzer know you appreciate their efforts.

Bob Love
            The SNC newsletter team suffered a major loss this summer when the Editor-In-Chief, Bob Love unexpectedly left us. His keen whit and infectious sense of humor will be greatly missed. Bob will no longer grace us with his friendly smile, organized parking skills, and bright red SNC jacket. Cloud Walker won’t be the same without Bob plugging up the track while barely gliding downhill on his draggy waxless skis. There’s going to be fewer divots and sitzmarks on the Schweitzer trails. When skiing by those face plants in the snow, one always knew “Bob was here”. Bob we’ll miss you, but most of all we’ll miss your credit card at the McDuff’s newsletter meetings. Happy trails friend, we hope you have a great, big, basement in in your new home in BOZEMAN!

Ski Curmudgeon Corner

Dear Ski Curmudgeon,
      I am marrying into a “Nordic ski family”, do you have any suggestions? Nervous Nordic Neophyte
Dear NNN,
      Run, run far and run fast. If it’s too late to run, then prepare yourself for a life where winter becomes your favorite season, the first snowflakes of the year send a chill of excitement down your spine, and your husband gets a little bit jealous when you get a pair of new skis. SC
Dear Ski Curmudgeon,
     What are your thoughts regarding the upcoming presidential election? HC&DT
Dear HCDT,
     Has it started snowing in Canada yet? SC
Dear Ski Curmudgeon,
     I notice that some ski areas have trails that are dog friendly. Are these trails also open to skiing with cats? Feline Fanatic
Dear Feline,
     I assume these trails are also cat friendly (similar to the Round-a-bout trail at Schweitzer). I would recommend having your cat on a leash with a harness. (Yes they do make them). However, a cat large enough for skijoring would probably be a risk to other skiers.

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