December 2016 Newsletter


Volume 3 Issue 3: December 2016
Picture of the Month
Cheney Couple at Picnic Point on the Schweitzer Trails

Here’s What’s Happening

  • January 2 – The Youth Ski League (YSL) began for the season
  • January 4 – Wednesday Ski Group will begin for the season
  • January 7- Free Ski Day – Schweitzer Roundabout 
  • January 7 – Ski on the Schweitzer Nordic trails for free today!(Link to events tab)
  • January 10 – SNC General Meeting – 5:30pm at MickDuff’s Beer Hall on Cedar in Sandpoint

Check out our calendar and events pages on this website for more information.

Local Grooming Reports

Schweitzer Mountain Resort
The Nordic ski trails at Schweitzer are in fantastic condition. Almost all of the trails are open and groomed on weekends with some groomed on a daily basis. Trails are groomed for both skating and classic skiing with a track set on most days. Watch out for fat bikes!

Western Pleasure Ranch
Western Pleasure started limited skiing operations the week prior to Christmas. The Meadow trails were packed and groomed with tracks set. Skiers reported good skiing with a few thin spots. Day passes are available for $10 and season passes are $65. Sandpoint Nordic Club Members save 50% on the season pass price.
SNC North Boyer U of I Trails
The U of I trails on North Boyer have been packed with a track set. Unfortunately, an electrical issue with the grooming sled has resulted in the sled spending some time in the shop. Volunteer groomers, Dave Reseska and Ross Longhini have been using their personal equipment to keep the trails skiable until the repairs are completed. The grooming team has resumed their nightly grooming activities. Signs have been posted and the parking lot has been plowed. (Thanks Arnie and Ned). There’s also a porta-potty!
Schweitzer Roundabout Trail
The Schweitzer Roundabout is a multiple use trail that is groomed on occasion. It will be groomed the weekend of January 7th for Free Ski Day.

Wednesday Ski Group Slides Again

Our third season will begin on January 4th. The goal of the Wednesday Ski Group is to have fun, meet new people, and get out and ski. We’re often an eclectic group of both enthusiastic skate and classic skiers and if we have enough skiers we may break into several groups. We don’t intend this to be a lesson, however we may throw in a few impromptu drills for fun. Come on out and join us. We meet Wednesday morning at the clock tower at 9:10. Questions?

Calories and the Cross Country Skier

​Cross country skiing generally burns more calories than skiers relying on a chair lift and gravity. Cross country requires legs, lungs and arms to get you where you are going. The average cross country skier burns about 400-500 calories per hour while a skier moving at moderate speeds can burn 500-550 per hour. A vigorous pace can increase the burn to 600 calories per hour and racing can burn as much as 900 calories per hour. Continuous uphill climbs (Schweitzer!) can burn over 1000 calories per hour.

Here is how a few other sports stack up to cross country skiing.
      Cycling             <10 MPH                 300 calories per hour
      Running            7:30 per mile           860 calories per hour                 
                                12:00 per mile         600 calories per hour
      Swimming         Moderate                420 calories per hour
                                Vigorous                 715 calories per hour
      Tennis                                               580 calories per hour
      Bowling                                            220 calories per hour
      Television                                         80  calories per hour
Please don’t take this to mean that 12 hours of TV is equivalent to an hour long ski race!
Bill Tregoning

Coral, Bill and Michele skiing at Silver Star recently.

Silver Star/Sovereign Lakes

Have you ever wanted to ski on 105 km of winding, scenic trails through amazing forests with world class daily grooming? Have you ever wanted to stay in a quaint Victorian style village where you can ski out your door? Does the thought of staying and skiing at a resort where Alpine skiers and Nordic skiers co-exist in perfect harmony appeal to you? What about early season snow, season long XC Supercamps for all ages and abilities, a large flat teaching area, waxing huts, day lodge, and five on-trail day use cabins? Oh and I almost forgot to mention the two separate 4-5 km night loops. You’re probably thinking Methow Valley, but the answer is the Silver Star Mountain Resort/ Sovereign Lakes Nordic Center. This Nordic (and Alpine) mecca lies approximately 15 miles east of the town of Vernon, BC in the northern reaches of the beautiful Okanagan Valley. It boasts the largest daily groomed Nordic ski trail system in Canada.
Silver Star Mountain Resort is a totally self- contained ski village with shops, lodging, restaurants and ski rentals. Two distinct cross-country ski trail systems can be accessed from the village area. The Village Trail System has over 32 km of gently rolling trails like “Sidewinder” to aptly named “TJs Corkscrew”. The Putnam Creek Trail System is accessed from the village using “Paradise Trail”. This trail offers a gentle climb from the village area and crosses numerous alpine runs before it reaches Paradise Camp which provides restrooms and food for both alpine and Nordic skiers. You won’t want to miss “Coming Around the Mountain” which is a curvy, rolling trail that cross-country skiers love. From this trail you can connect to the Sovereign Lakes Nordic Center via “Lars-Taylor Way” or “Aberdeen”.
Sovereign Lakes is a large BC provincial park that is home to the Sovereign Lakes Nordic Club. This area has over 80 km of trails including a 5 km night loop. Trails range from the gentle “Woodland Bell” to the strenuous “Montezuma’s Revenge”. One of my favorites is the “Carl Wylie Trail” which will keep you continuously entertained while accessing the Black Prince Cabin. This trail system has hosted numerous NorAm/ Supertour events as well as a Masters World Cup.  Silver Star/ Sovereign Lakes should be on any avid Nordic skier’s “bucket list”. It’s a very scenic 6-7-hour drive from Sandpoint and you can even enjoy some of the wonderful wine opportunities the Okanagan Valley has to offer.

​Jared France

200K Challenge

The Sandpoint Nordic Club is again sponsoring a 200 kilometer challenge this ski season. Last year 21 skiers completed the challenge and SNC hopes to improve on those numbers. Skiers who ski a minimum of 200k will be eligible to participate in a drawing for a pair of new skis (winner’s choice). Good luck keeping up with last year’s winner, Michele Tregoning as she glides along on her new pair of Madshus skate skis. New this season is a 100 kilometer challenge for skiers under the age of 18. 100k finishers will be eligible to win a ski jacket. Participants need to be members of the Sandpoint Nordic Club and keep track of their own kilometers skied. Maps of local ski areas with distances labeled will be posted on the SNC website. Skiers can also track distances with their smart phones or GPS watches. If distances can’t be determined, 15 minutes/km can be substituted. Ski Challenge logs must be received by the Sandpoint Nordic Club before March 31, 2015 and mailed to: Sandpoint Nordic Club PO Box 233, Sandpoint, Id. 83864. – Jared France
Download your 200K Challenge form here:

Ski Curmudgeon Corner

Dear Ski Curmudgeon,

I have been unable to find any traces of Scandinavian ancestry in my family line. Would a blood transfusion from a Norwegian help my skate skiing? Ski Dracula

Dear Ski Track Drac

Although there have been many fine skiers from Transylvania, they always fail at the elite competitive level because of blood doping. However, if you stay at the club level, you will potentially find success with your form of blood transfusion. But don’t pick out the very best of the local Scandinavians at first; that’s too obvious. Work your way up through the ranks slowly as if all that’s happening is your steady improvement. It will be more fun for you this way as well.  You may want to avoid your wife, though.SC
Dear Ski Curmudgeon,
I recently started dating a girl who is good looking and is fun to be around. My parents love her. My only issue is that she refuses to go skiing with me. Alone in the Cold

Dear Alone,
Skiing matters, good looks are a bonus and she’s not dating your parents. SC
Dear Ski Curmudgeon,
I decided to purchase classic Nordic skis to complement my interest in skate skiing. It is alarming, but true- I have discovered that Nordic ski sales people are conspiring against me personally, with insults yet! I went in a first shop (to remain unnamed), explained my interest, and the sales lady said “you need more hair”. I was taken aback, then she said the same thing again. I stormed out of the shop; it’s none of her business that I am bald on top. The next day I visited a second shop, leaving my hat on. Nonetheless, the sales guy issued essentially the same insult… “ you need more hair”. It is obviously a conspiracy where they pass my image around the Nordic sales people using those smart phone things- the second person shouldn’t have known I am bald. What do you think of this? Twice Insulted

Dear Twice,
​First the bad news: not only do you have hair loss, you also have some hearing loss. These sales people are not saying “ you need more hair”. In fact, they are saying you need mohair. The good news is that mohair has been reborn as a new technology. It is used as an insert in the kick zone of a classic Nordic Ski. I suggest you try again, but a third shop may be in order.

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