Wednesday Ski Group
Are you tired of skiing by yourself? Schweitzer Wednesday ski group started several years ago with a group of friends getting together to ski for fun. The composition of the group changed on a weekly basis as new friends of friends showed up to ski with the group and others had other commitments that day. You can think of the group as a “no drop bike ride” on skis. If you are looking to meet other likeminded skiers to enjoy the  trails with, we meet at 9:10 AM Wednesday at the clock tower. Many skiers ride the 8:30 bus and get more acquainted with others in the group. We may skate or classic ski depending upon snow conditions. We will be developing an E-mail list of skiers and will be advising skiers early in the morning as to whether skate or classic may be the choice for the days conditions.  If there is enough interest we may break into several groups to accommodate skiers of different abilities. This ski group is not a lesson or a training session however we may throw in a drill or two during a ski session. If you are looking for more friends to ski with we’ll see you at the clock tower on Wednesdays at 9:10. Questions? Contact Bill at – Bill Tregoning

Saturday Ski Group
Similar to the Wednesday ski group, we plan to meet at the Clock Tower at 8:40am.  Skiers can take the 8:00 bus and have time to get ready for an 8:40 start.