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  1. 12/20 skied Schweitzer today. It was snowing from the third switchback up. I was on my beater waxless skis. There are about a half dozen small water crossings on Grr between the village and picnic point. I wS able to cross all with skis on. Once there conditions are great upper overland and cougar gulch are groomed. There’d is askier track out Cloudwalker.

  2. 1/1/15 Skied a bit at U of I today. The trail is rough with lots of foot prints, but still very skiable. I was on my nice skis and was not worried about them. It’s obvious that lots of folks walk here and bring their dogs. I’m not sure what we can do about that, but courteously asking folks to stay to the side of the groomed trails is a start. It sure felt good to be skiing in town again!

  3. I skied U of I today at lunch. Overall, the trail was good for this classic skier. Classic tracks were in good condition.

  4. Western Pleasure was incredible today. The groomed skate track was in great shape, and three of us had a super time in this beautiful valley. The views up there are to die for, and you can see all of the Selle Valley and the Schweitzer bowl as well. Lots of BIG SKY out there. Get it while it’s in such great shape with these couple inches of new snow!

    • Thank you Patrick, It was such a beautiful day and I am so glad you were able to get out and enjoy it.

  5. Three of us were out for a skate ski lesson at U of I and it was challenging to say the least after the snowfall last night. Not sure if it was groomed later in the day, but hope so.

  6. Cloudwalker was good skiing from the Boneyard on Thursday. Classic not skate. Powder with no crust.
    And it’s a new season! How about resetting the comments.

  7. Schweitzer nordic trails are closed but the RAT (roundabout trail) was groomed for skate and classic- short but nice
    Watch out for the fat tire bike rut down the middle of the trail

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